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Pastor, expand reach & significance and tear down ministry silos. Discover your thread in a fast-paced, eye-opening meeting with your leadership!

This is the FASTEST way to a new church rebrand. Our proprietary 2 or 3-Day Retreat will restart the potential of your church and help you discover your thread. You'll love it. 

Be known for something relevant and needed. For the Gospel.

Our 2 or 3-day Branding Retreat includes:

• Unity Workshop • Fun Communication Training • Personas • Thread Discovery • SEO Keywords and so much more!

1000s of Pastors and Churches have discovered their thread

Our clients love discovering their branding thread, being coached to an effective communication strategy, and letting us write or speak about practical church communication. Join them!

Discover Your Thread

So many love our proven Church Branding process. It works because it’s built on reliable research!

the fastest way to a church rebrand

Most influential Church Branding Co

We work all over North America!

"I would love to work with your church to make much of Jesus!

Our proprietary 2 or 3-day retreat is fun, fast-paced, and revealing! Let's discover your thread together. Add-ons are available to make this customized for your needs!

Every church needs to discover its thread so more can discover Jesus. Let's get started today!"

Mark MacDonald
Founder, Branding Strategist

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