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Pastor, need a Virtual Senior Communications Director and Advisor? An expert to teach, hold accountable, and answer questions? Gentle guidance by Mark MacDonald, with his 3 decades of helping churches communicate more effectively.

Create a communication strategy with comm tools and content that work for your church. 

STOP wasting time communicating when few are listening. For the Gospel.

3 levels of Coaching

Start, Accountability, and Ongoing

(Based on your timing and availability)

Strategy used by 1000s of Pastors & Churches

Pastors and Church Communicators love being coached to an effective communication strategy, and they let us write and speak about practical church communication tips. Join them!

Learn from an Expert

So many love Be Known for Something communication strategy. Choose the amount of time you need!

Communication Strategy based on Reliable Research

Most influential Church Branding Co

We work all over North America!

"I would love to coach your church to make much of Jesus! An effective communication strategy that will help your message be heard.

You don't have a lot of time so I custom create what you need and deliver it as efficiently as possible. Learn the principles quickly (so you don't need me at all). Let's get started today!"

Mark MacDonald
Founder, Branding Strategist

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