12 Discoveries from the unchurched

From Decades of Listening

Included in PDF: • Why You Should Listen • Who You Should Listen To • What We've Discovered • Church Recommendations

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This Informative PDF includes:

Why you should listen • Who you should be listening to • What we've discovered • Recommendations for the Church

Used by 1000s of Pastors and Churches

Be Known for Something clients love discovering their branding thread, being coached to an effective communication strategy, and letting us write or speak about practical church communication. Join them!

And for Focus Groups to Listen
to their Congregation and Community

Hear your audience's Heart

Our clients love our Reliable Research. The foundation of everything we do!

Focus Groups say a lot about your Church

Effective communication (and leadership) rises and falls on how well you know your audience.
But often it's difficult to know the heart of your congregation (and especially your community). The easiest way to get their honest and candid ideas and thoughts? With us.
• Professional Church Focus Groups • Conducted by a Pastor of Communication • Exceptional church focus group experience

You need Focus Groups

• before Hiring a Pastor
• launching New Leadership
• part of Ministry Relaunch
• starting a Church Branding project
• closing your church's backdoor
• for congregation assessment
• to identify problems and solutions

Look What you'll Discover

• what brought them to the church?
• what keeps them?
• what is the church known for?
• what would they improve?
• what keeps them from attending?
• why are people leaving?
• is the church missing something?

Most influential Church Branding Co

We work all over North America!

"I would love to work with your church to make much of Jesus! My team will help your message be heard. It starts with good research data.

"Every Pastor should listen to their congregation's heart. Even more importantly? The community wants your church to listen to them too."

Mark MacDonald
Founder, Branding Strategist

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