church branding system
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Discover Your Thread.


The Be Known for something® system 1000's of pastors trust

includes coaching to wisely use your new church brand

As a Church Branding company, we know that branding is crucial to a ministry’s success. Controlling what you’re known for allows people to choose YOU. But because of noise, it isn’t easy to get people’s attention. Plus attention spans are incredibly short!

You need a thread.

  • Be known for something relevant and needed
  • Your thread will get the community’s attention and calm messaging
  • A simple, useable message for easy word-of-mouth invitation
  • Then our award-winning designers will create a church logo system
  • Communication coaching helps YOU control content and tools
  • Unify your entire ministry team. Get on the same page!

Connect with Your Community. Re-Engage Your Congregation.


What’s church branding?



Audience Research. Discover who you need to talk with. Custom demographics, eyeopening focus groups, and guest experience mystery visits. Discover your congregation and community.

Essential Brand Foundation. During a leadership retreat, discover research, personas, your thread, and SEO keywords. The fastest way to a rebrand! Plus, it unifies ministry teams!

Multi-Ministry Logos. Be proud of your visual brand. Our award-winning designers create a pro-church logo system for ministries, with a branding style guide for practical usage.

Coaching Retainer. Wisely use your brand. The launch, team goals, and communication strategy to have a better website, social media, and emails (that are read). With SEO coaching.

Or Custom-Build a Branding Project

Tell Us What’s Needed. Don’t need the complete Be Known For Something® Church Branding System? No problem. We can customize a project and include everything your church needs. More