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About Be Known for Something: a nationally-recognized church branding and church communication company based in Jacksonville, FL (working with churches of all denominations and all sizes, along with non-profits and faith-based organizations throughout the US & Canada).

We build complete church brands that work

Be Known For Something® Products and Services

  • Award-winning church branding company of Christian designers, strategists, and writers for 20+ years
  • A national voice of church communicators with 830+ articles published
  • Guest on 80+ podcasts
  • Keynotes and Workshops at 100+ Church Conferences.
  • Coaching to help churches break through noise: so the congregation engages and reconnects you to your community!
  • Bestselling book “Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation” Post-Covid Edition
  • A heart of a teacher: after working with us, we want your church to not need us (but still love us)!

Be Known for Something Church Branding Company’s parent company is It’s Not About Your Logo, LLC

You're Known for Something, but is it the Right Thing? We Help Shift Perception.

What is Church Branding?


Initially, your communication thread (the foundation to church branding; what you’re known for) must be discovered. Similarly, your thread expresses a key solution for your community. Because of that, even those not needing “church” will discover a relevant benefit!

That’s why our Church Branding System starts with understanding audiences (congregation and community)

Ultimately, as an expert coach, we lead you through the complex communication strategy steps. We work with you like we’re your Senior Communications Director.

Some of the benefits of an effective Church Brand:

  • Teardown Ministry Silos; Create Ministry Unity!
  • Get the Community to Look-up and Pay Attention
  • Engage More to Share Jesus
  • Provide Word-of-Mouth Language

Most Influential Church Branding Co

Why You Need a Thread

Be Known for Something won the prestigious Most Influential Church Branding Company award!

Part of our award-winning history!

We Love Churches of All Sizes


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We teach every component we practice daily:
Mark MacDonald Speaker and Leadership at Conferences
Be Known For Something Church Branding Book about Rebranding and Discovering a Thread

Be Known for Something: Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation

The Bestselling Church Branding Book

Mark MacDonald, one of America’s leading voices about effective church communication, reveals steps for a church to reconnect with their community: by revitalizing your church’s reputation.

Be Known For Something uses fascinating stories to help you discover a unique communication thread that will:

• Revitalize your church reputation

• Simplify church messaging

• Tear down ministry silos

• Attract people to your church

Pastor and Church Communicator, if practiced properly, it’s the answer to engaging your congregation and encouraging church growth from your community.

The book is an easy-to-lead, easy-to-read guide that ends each chapter with questions needing answers before moving to the next chapter. Enjoy challenging your church staff or congregation with Be Known for Something.

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