1 Church. Many Locations. Guaranteed.

Multi-site churches are here for awhile. They make sense. The failure rate’s low, the cost to set up should be low, and you can reach more people for Christ.

I continually hear Pastors say they’re “1 church, many locations”. But in actuality, it’s far from the truth. When you set up a church in a different location and allow different people to attend it for many reasons, why would you think your locations would feel the same? What’s the glue to make it happen?

In order to create unity, and to ensure that everyone (staff and congregation) are on the same page, you need to take these 3 steps:

  1. Know who you are. Some people call it your DNA. It’s the main benefits that your current congregation have chosen you specifically for. It’s what you do best. Most times, your congregation is similar in demographic and psycho-graphic (birds of a feather, tend to flock together). You need to identify who that audience is; and what most of them perceive as the benefit of attending.
  2. Control your perceived benefits. Once you have the “many” (I hope) benefits in mind; consider which fits with the vision, direction and mission of your local church. Then claim it! Develop a short tagline (positioning statement) that describe that key benefit. If you keep reminding your congregation of this benefit over and over, they’ll use it to attract others who also need it.
  3. Communicate. In Unison. Make sure as you create more venues; you communicate that key benefit over and over. Be consistent and you’ll actually achieve what you want. Unity of who you are. Make sure you preach it regularly, have it in every print piece and as a golden thread throughout your website.

The sooner you do this the better (and more unified) you’ll become!

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