1 Thing To Make You Sell More.

I was in New Orleans this week for a great conference. Quality people that not only listened to me; but interacted with great questions.

Travel has gotten crazy. The airlines don’t get it.

Here are my simple “steps” to travel (and booking my flights):

  1. Go to the web to see what flights are available. I like Travelocity. I check the “flexible” date box. This tells me what flights should cos and if I’d save money to go a day earlier or later. Then…
  2. I try to get a ‘deal’. I go to individual airlines, hotwire, expedia, kayak (or similar) to get a deal.

I do the same for my hotel and car. I want to pay the least amount. Period.

It’s gotten to the point I don’t care what airline or the car rental brand. Because the companies don’t stand out as being different.

And for the most part, they are adequate at best. Customer Service has turned into “do the least so you don’t get complaints”. They’re not excited to help you; they’re just pleasant. They don’t want to lose money; so they make us pay extra for everything. They make us cram our luggage into small carry-on bags; then they growl at us for taking so long getting on to the flights.

It wouldn’t take much to stand out in this “hohum” environment. I understand that Southwest gets close to it. We don’t have Southwest service in out area so I don’t get to see it. But they’re always the top of the airlines for satisfaction.

How about you? Do you stand out? Or do you do everything about the same as your competition. If so, your clients will compare you on price only.

Right now: take the time to decide on how you’re going to break through in the marketplace. I guarantee that you’ll start selling more. This is the first step to developing your brand. You have to do it. Today.

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