1 Way to Control Why People Like Your Church

We know the most effective way to get people to visit your church: word of mouth promotions. It’s the most cost-effective method of evangelism. Why? Because most people know and interact with people similar to them. If they like your church, the people around them will probably like the church too.

How do you control word of mouth promotion? Control what your congregation says about you. That seems easier said then done. But it’s not that difficult. It all comes down to one thing:

Tell them.

That’s right. Figure out what the majority of your congregation likes, appreciates, and promotes. Something that’s well done in your church and, hopefully, is unique to your community. Then make sure it’s desired! Do that by researching who lives around your campus and figure out what they’d be seeking for a solution to one of their big problems. Or maybe it’s a path to one of their prominent goals.

Then tell the congregation that reason. Over and over.

3 reasons why controlling this is important:

  • Helps people tell others. Often, during normal, day-to-day discussions at work or leisure, someone will be asked why they go to church. Or when Sunday’s are discussed, the way we use our time will be talked about. “Why do you like that church?”. If your reason isn’t overly religious, your congregation will be more apt to tell people. Perhaps it’s “they give me something simple to think about so I can be a better person”. Or “my marriage needs every service. They help my relationship”. If it’s been told to the congregation regularly (as a thread) then people will recall it when asked. Make it simple and easy to remember and make it part of every ministry!
  • Helps with SEO keywords. The words that become part of your controlled message will become your keywords. Throughout your promotions, social media, and website, you’ll use similar words regularly. In fact, you’ll become known for them. Then Google, Yahoo, Bing will love sending people to your website as they look for the controlled solution or goal that’s associated with your ministries.
  • Helps build your ministries. This desired thread will drive your ministries. Perhaps some of your current ministries need to go away as you build events and opportunities to build the benefit that you’ve been controlling. So what you’re telling your congregation is the authentic reality of why they love your church.

Go ahead, try it! Start suggesting your reason in announcements, during sermons, or in promotions. Use language like: “Many of you attend because we have practical relationship guidance.” or “Many churches are complex in their teaching but you all know how much we work at giving you simple ideas that’ll change your week.”

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