1 Week: No Facebook

Last weekend I decide to try something crazy. For 1 week I wouldn’t post a personal status update on facebook. It sounded easy, but I’ve almost gone crazy this week when I’ve caught myself posting something (but stopped, of course). I’m excited to get back to my regular status updates this week! I’m sick. I know. But also, this week has made me realize 3 scary truths about social media:

  1. Want interaction? You have to update. Throughout a “normal” week, I post 2-3 times/day, PLUS 4-5 interactions/day with other people. I usually hear back from 1-2 people each day. When I stopped posting? Hardly any interactions all week. The scary thing about a normal week when I post to a person’s page, I don’t expect anything back or I’ll be disappointed about half the time. If I don’t post anything? Really be disappointed.
  2. Your facebook friends are passive. Most people on facebook (especially men) don’t mind answering direct messages or direct questions. Most just scan their facebook walls and take in all the news. They watch it passively like TV. Facebook is rarely about interactions, instead, it’s become a spectator sport. BTW, social media is all about interaction and networking! But like most things, it’s not the social media’s fault; but instead the people’s fault, that people aren’t easily social.
  3. Most social media friends are self-consumed. Think about it. People go on and post what’s going on in their lives. They quickly glance down their wall to see if anything affects them. The power is there to encourage people, inquire about friends, ask them stuff, and interact. But most post more about themselves than about others. Again, a people problem, not a social media problem. It’s sad!

This is probably one of the most negative blogs I’ve written. I guess, as I try to network and interact on social media, I get the same 3-4 people replying (and doing it right). It’s rarely guys, almost always women. Men, we need to change this! In the meantime, I’m going to use this powerful tool of social media to interact, network and CARE about my employees, my clients and my friends. Because I really do.

PS. Want to try the next experiment with me? For every facebook status/comment about “me” that I write, I’m going to try to post 2-3 things to encourage “others”. I’m not going to expect anything in return. Maybe I’ll be surprised!

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