2 Timely Things Pastors Should Do

Is it just me? Or is life flying by way too fast. We want our food cooked faster, quicker deliveries, and we’ve realized that our time expires before we run out of all our tasks. The older I get the more things I have to do. And before Christmas it seems that it get even worse.

I think it has something to do with:

(Experience) + (People Pleasing) + (We’ve Always Done It) = A Jammed Schedule

So what’s a person to do? A Pastor to do? You have to chose.

You must decide if you’re going to be overly busy and run by a list of urgent things; or be strategic and taking the time to do what you should be doing. Because of their importance!

Want the 2nd choice? Then here’s 2 tips to get you started.

  1. Create a “To Don’t” List. At the end of your career, or even your position at your current church, what do you want to be “known for”? So many Pastors leave and aren’t remembered for an overall vision or a “something”. Determine what this is and decide what that means in your life. The “stuff” that we do should work towards what you want people to remember about you. But it’s fairly easy for you to write a “to do” list. Instead decide what you “don’t” want to waste your time doing. Every second counts!
  2. Reduce Your “To Do” List. Every day we do tasks that a lot of others can do quite well. Decide to stop doing them and empower others to do them. There are also other things that you wouldn’t want to “be known” for doing. So, stop doing them! Literally cross all the things off your “To Do” list because they interfere with the strategy you have for your overall “be known for something” statement.

I’d love to help! In fact if you contact me through our form; just ask me for a BeKnownForSomething “To Don’t” Pad (and give me your address) — and I’ll send you a couple pads for FREE!

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