3 Choices We All Have

I was recently in Houston conducting a mystery church visit, demographic study, and website analysis. I grew up in a smaller city and I’m still amazed when I see big city infrastructure. Roads, overpasses, signs, and tons of traffic.

Heading to the church, I was following my GPS closely but ended up in the far left lane at that inopportune time when the GPS said, “Take the exit”. And it was a few lanes to my right. I quickly glanced over my shoulder to see all the cars between me and my exit. I was doomed.

I had no choice. I ended up having to pass the exit and “reroute” for several extra minutes. I hate the feeling of not having a choice.

But what I’ve discovered in life, is that we ultimately always have a choice. Especially when God gives us an opportunity. And most times we really have 3 choices!

  1. Give up. I should say I hate quitters. But sometimes, it’s best to realize you just can’t do it. But if you’re given the opportunity; especially if God allows you the opportunity, I would caution you that this isn’t the correct choice.
  2. Give in. Have you ever felt like even though you don’t feel you can; everyone around you wants you too. They have full confidence in you. And it seems like God does. Then give in, and try. What do you have to lose? Think about what you can gain!
  3. Give it all you’ve got. I believe that we often have God-given opportunities that we could be wildly successful; but we choose to play it totally safe. If we just gave it all we’ve got; God will allow us to reach farther, stronger, higher than anything we ever could imagine.

So the choice is yours. If God presents a choice; what will your reaction be. I’m going to be known for going for it. Well, all I’ve got. Join me!

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