3 Christmas Presents for You!

I remember when I was young, I would sit for hours and stare at wrapped Christmas gifts, never touching them (it was a family rule), and wondering what was inside. It’s funny that I never figured out that I would get a lot of the things I’d asked for. And I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in what I’ve gotten.

I’m blessed.

I’m also blessed that I have you — the hundreds of people who read my blog regularly. I wish I could give you a present. But it would be hard to narrow down to just one!

I care for you. And even though you know more about me (from reading my stories); I feel like I know you too. Because you like the things I do.

If I could wrap some presents for you; I’d chose 3:

  1. Contentment. Realize you can’t have everything you wish for. But you’ve been blessed with everything that God wants you to have. Be content with that. To me, it goes hand in hand with the idea of peace. And we all want peace on earth.
  2. Creativity. Think differently about everything. Figure out “other” ways of doing things. Don’t accept that “everyone” does it that way. Especially if it’s not working.
  3. Christ. Yes, many of you follow after Him. This Christmas, I want you to realize He’s the only way to experience Life. Joy. Happiness. He was born so that He could show us the way to live. And because He had power over His own death in His resurrection; I can trust Him to give me life. He promised it to all who simply believe. I want to tell everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your presents. And His presence. Peace. Goodwill towards all.

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