3 Critical Things Realtors and Business Owners Need to Know (and do!)

I recently spoke at a Realtors’ Conference. Really great people. You know, the kind that love to talk, love to take interest in what you do, and love to sell. It made me thing about how selling a house is similar to your business website.

Imagine if you were selling your house. Then imagine that a few people were going to look at it. You want it to be perfect.

Research says that 1) where your house is located is critical, 2) what your kitchen, bathrooms and family room looks like are key, 3) and how uncluttered your overall home is plays a huge role in the success of selling your home.

What about your business’ website? Surprisingly, the same things matter:

  1. Location is everything. Essentially you need to make sure you’ll be found where people are looking. Search Engines! SEO rules matter. Check out what I’ve said before about these rules.
  2. People will usually click only 3 times. Yep, just 3 times in your website on average, before they go elsewhere. Consider your audience and consider the 3 spots they’ll look. Get them right, and they’ll love you.
  3. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Less is more. The average person can only scan about 50 words per page. If you have too many things on a page, they’ll give up and not read anything. So… if you’re working hard at creating a “deep”, complex website; you’re doing it only for yourself. Because no one else (except for your Mother maybe) will wade through your material.

It’s a tough housing market. I wouldn’t want to be a realtor right now. But, think about it! It’s an extremely difficult business economy right now too! Make sure you’re doing things right and you’ll reap the rewards. The ones who don’t will continue to vanish.

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