3 Essentials for Business Relaxation

It’s finally summer. It’s mainly warm, the beach or pool is calling; and you simply want to relax.

“A cheerful frame of mind, reinforced by relaxation… is the medicine that puts all ghosts of fear on the run.” George Matthew Adams

Do it. But may I suggest 3 essential things to do while relaxing:

  1. Recharge. Each time you lay back and decide to do “nothing”; start envisioning what a perfect business environment would look like. What outcome you want. (Now, if you’re tired, this will probably lead to a quick nap) Eventually, you’ll find a happy, stress-free place that can become your motivational goal. Slowly allow yourself to dream about the steps that need changing in order to get there.
  2. Write. When you’re relaxing, take a tablet (digital or paper) that allows you to write the great ideas that flood your brain during these stress-less times. Don’t overthink them, just jot down stream-of-consciousness concepts. If something stressful interrupts (like a to-do item); keep a separate list of them so you can remember to do them later (and not have to remember them).
  3. Talk. When I’m relaxing, I love to share and discuss my ideas with a trusted friend (your spouse should be a great person for this). Be transparent and give a few details. But most importantly; end with “I’d love your opinion on this. What do you think?”. If they get negative; require them to come up with a better way. Better, stronger ideas only get more effective when conceived as a team. Ask for their help.

After your relaxation moments; you’ll be further ahead. So do it. Now, where’s my hammock…

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