3 Reasons You Need Communication Coaching

Have you wondered why sports teams need coaching? Can’t the team members get together and decide what they should do? Anyone who serves on a committee, a team, or a board knows that every group requires a person to be in charge.

That’s why there’s a person leading communications at your church, right!? And most have someone “over” them in a senior leadership capacity. That may even be you! Isn’t that enough?

I don’t think so. Having worked in communications for more than 3 decades, I’ve watched communicators who are lone rangers and those who lead different-sized teams. I’ve also done both myself! From that experience (and in full disclosure, from now being a communication coach), I believe that the value of a coach is well-worth-it for your church. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Things are changing quickly. It’s hard to keep up locally with what’s happening nationally. I started my career before computers were used to create designs. Yes, that long ago! I’ve seen huge paradigm shifts and strategic changes that have changed everything. I believe we’re currently in the middle of one of the largest changes in communications ever. Someone in the trenches can’t possibly keep up with everything. There are new tools, new tactics, and new processes that have upended this fledgling church communication industry. If you’re struggling to keep up and you’re experiencing little return on investment, I would seek someone who works on a national level — who has seen what works and what has failed — and ensure they want to teach you.
  2. Outsiders can advocate better for your community. Every church has two audiences: an internal congregation and an external community. Sure, as a ministry leader, you should be able to represent your internal audience quite well. But I believe your church has to focus on the community (as Christ commanded) in order to have growth opportunities. It’s extremely difficult to understand the community’s external perception, your reputation, and to assess what needs to be done as an internal leader. Just today, I talked to a ministry leader who thought they were communicating their mission properly; when in fact, they looked like a house-builder to an outsider. It takes an honest someone from the outside to share these perceptions.
  3. Creatives need encouragement and motivation. People on a creative communication team find themselves in an awkward position between “getting it all done” and “trying to be creatively clever”. They also struggle between “good enough” and “knocking it out of the park”. In a world where these tensions NEVER cease, a coach can partner with your team and encourage them, while gently motivating them to improve where they’re lacking. The right coach can get a mediocre player to be a superstar — because they’re a trusted, like-minded leader who understands the Church while not getting lost in the day-to-day drag.

It just makes sense. Every winning sports team has an extraordinary coach who loves the players and has their eye on the ultimate goal. Ensuring that the team is contributing enough to make it all worth it. Get a communication coach!

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