Spring Break: 3 Reasons You Need One

It’s difficult to take a spring break when running full speed on a treadmill. That’s the thought I had at the gym this morning. We’ve convinced ourselves that we can’t possibly rest when we’re in a fast-paced ministry world.

It’s a lie.

God didn’t really need to rest at the end of creation; except He wanted to demonstrate to us creative ministry people the need for a Sabbath. A break. That’s why we rest on Sundays, right? Not exactly. Perhaps this is a clue to the incredibly high ministry burnout rate.

Remember when spring break finally arrived when you were attending school? Wonderful feelings instantly return to my mind. Rest. Fun.

You need a Spring Break. It seems that most church ministries take awhile to gain momentum after the busy Christmas season. Then deadlines for Easter come racing towards you. You panic. This is not the time for a spring break! Everything will fail without me. The treadmill is set on a fast sprint.

It’s true: only in your mind.

Here’s 3 reasons you need to take a Spring Break:

  1. Gives you a new perspective. When I take a vacation, I tend to notice new things. I read more, contemplate tons, and actually wake up each morning rested and seem to solve more on vacation than during my work week. When I return to my desk after the break, I manage the workload a lot better. This is worth it all.
  2. Motivates you to get the plates spinning. Instantly, we give excuses of why we can’t take a break. “Nothing will get done” or “it’s not worth the crunch of getting everything done before I leave”. There’s always excuses. A good ministry leader CAN’T do it all. In fact, a great ministry leader realizes that they need to automate tasks and not do them all alone. An anticipated break forces you to create proper systems so that everything CAN be done while you’re gone — and maybe after you’re back too! Create margin so you can dream more.
  3. Reminds you it’s not all about you. Ministry can’t be about the leaders; it has to be about the volunteers who spend countless hours wanting to serve. Remember them? They’re not paid like you. Now is the time to encourage them and rally them to keep things operating without constant supervision. Perhaps you need to discuss with them the need to take their own break from ministry so they don’t burn themselves out either.

Have I convinced you? Imagine how much better you’ll do once you’re rested and refreshed. So, go ahead, fill out the vacation request form. Just plan it after Easter (of course).

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