3 Regrets from WFX Dallas

I’m traveling back from the Dallas Worship Facilities Expo. This felt like the best WFX ever. Because I’m on the board this year? Nah. I was only a cheerleader for the amazing conference staff.

Maybe after a couple years of lamenting the economy and cut conference/travel budgets, Ministry Leaders realized that they’ve “paused” their lives long enough. They’re ready to move forward.

Almost everyone I talked to, wanted to know how they could improve and communicate more effectively. I was willing to provide the information (of course). I spoke twice and each time God favored me with amazing crowds and the words to speak (can I blame Him for my jokes?).

After speaking, I often have regrets. Like, “should I have said that” or “should I have said more”. But overall; I ended this amazing conference with 3 regrets:

  1. Never enough Time. I brought “extra” work with me. Even a list of clients to call. But I didn’t have time. Quite frankly, I couldn’t accomplish most of what I wanted. I’m not sure how to fix this in the future.
  2. Not setting up more meetings. Before the conference, I set up several meetings and was included in others. Wow. I wish I could have done more. I learned so much from others and it completed the show’s impact.
  3. The Hot Dog. Yes. Thursday wake-up: 5:45am. Checked out, drove to the conference. Set up PepsiMax display and presentation. Shared. Answered questions for an hour. Then expo hall to talked to dozens who had questions. Then 1:43pm; I broke away and had a $4 hot dog. It was still heavy on my breath and my stomach when I “went live” for my social media talk at 4.

I learned a lot at WFX Dallas. And I certainly will learn from my regrets. I may never have a hot dog again.

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