3 Resolution Recommendations for Facebook

I enjoy Facebook. I try to post regularly and with a “rhythm”. Most people that follow me have one of two reactions: “I love your posts”, and “You post far too much”. I’m truly trying to have balance. But I realize I’ll never please everyone either.

Facebook is a ministry for me. I really enjoy keeping up with people that I care about. I use it to build friendships, to know what to pray about, and I use it to encourage people.

How do you use it?

Like everything in life, we all need to get better at what we do regularly. And most people don’t do friendship well in person, so it shows up exponentially on Social Media.

Here are 3 things that most people need to resolve to do better on Facebook:

  1. Interact and Engage more. It sounds weird but most post statuses and expect everyone to respond. I assume they just “enjoy” the posts, but never reply back. Facebook (and all social media) is a great tool to have a public conversation. It’s not about “telling”, it’s about sharing back and forth. Conversations are two-sided. If someone posts that they have a challenge, an exciting thing happening, or even their birthday, take the time to care enough to ask about it or revisit it later in a personal message. And if someone posts on your page, take the time to post back.
  2. Be more Positive and Encourage. If you watch the news, we are riddled with bad news. In fact, a lot of people complain about it. Then the ones who complain about the news, post bad things on their status. About half the things on facebook are negative. People tends to complain about things that we all deal with. Colds, flu, rain, headaches, the economy, etc. A youth pastor once told us on a mission trip, “we’re all going to be tired while we minister, but instead of sharing your complaint with others who are feeling the same thing, take the time to encourage someone”. That was almost 30 years ago and it still rings loud and strong in my mind. Stop complaining and think of others. Hmmm… almost scriptural! How are you going to use Social Media to encourage?
  3. Have more fun. Life’s far too short. No one likes boring posts that simply describe what you had for breakfast, what you’re doing or where you’re going. Status updates are meant to be more than sharing your appointment book. It’s meant to allow us to be involved in each other’s lives. So resolve to take a different view of what’s going on, comment on how the activity influences you or makes you feel, or take an off-the-wall approach. Have some fun! When you’re on the look out for it, your life will become more positive.

I want people who follow me (@markmac1023 on twitter or https://www.facebook.com/BeKnownForSomething) to see Christ in me. I want them to realize that in spite of what’s going on in my life, I can rejoice. Plus, the more I think of others and care for them, the more I realize “it’s not about me”. Because it’s not. Happy New Year!

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