3 Steps to Get Ready for Visitors

Many of you know that I moved to NC from Canada 10 years ago. The difficult part of living thousands of miles away from family and friends is that people rarely come and visit. I often catch myself working on a home project (even a simple cleaning job) and dreaming what a friend (or family member) from Canada will think. If they ever come.

This week my Mother-in-law is coming to visit us for the next month. We started about a month ago preparing the house. Cleaning. Rearranging. Getting ready.

Are you getting ready for more visitors this year? The economy is gaining a bit of strength and that means increased business for you — if you’re prepared.

So, how do you get ready? What does the preparation process look like?

  • Prepare your products. When you look into the near future, you can imagine which of your products will sell well as the economy picks up speed. And you may even realize you need to add to your product line. Now’s the time!
  • Prepare your place. This could mean your actual location. But I’m talking more about looking at where you’re selling. It may be time to broaden your “place” in this world. Need a bigger place? Now’s the time!
  • Prepare your promotion. This is the fun part. How will you get people to notice your products as they think about ways to spend their money? Will you be able to keep them as customers? Your promotion has to be benefits-based. And don’t think you have to discount in order to promote. Now’s the time!

Once we finished working on our house this weekend, we’ve become even more excited for our “visitor” to arrive at the airport. There’s a peace; and enthusiasm. Exactly what you’ll feel when you’re properly prepared. It’s going to be a great year!

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