3 Steps to Guaranteed Resolution Completion

Happy New Year!

I find it interesting that 45% of American Adults will make a resolution in the first few days of this year. And within 14 days, 25% will have abandoned it. Huh?

Are you one on of them? We ultimately know what we should do, but we don’t. We set goals and never reach them. We start strong; and don’t finish.

It’s crazy.

Last week, a friend and I talked about how we want to be different this year. And how we can make sure we actually follow through with our resolutions. Here’s 3 things that will ensure a guaranteed resolution completion:

  1. Accountability. If you make a decision by yourself, you may keep it. If you decide with someone who will gently (or not so gently) help you keep it, your odds go up. Another reason we should have good, close friends!
  2. A Schedule. A year is a long time. Break your year into a regular schedule to make sure you achieve baby steps towards the goal (weekly, monthly, etc)
  3. A Goal. Ah, the reason you’ll go through “pain”. If you’re making a resolution “just because” you will probably fail. Know your end goal. How you will feel, look, be. Then keep reminding yourself why you’re doing the baby steps. The more you remind and visualize the end, the easier the steps will be.

I’ve decided to have monthly checkups towards my end goals. Next week I’ll start to post the 5 questions that I’ll ask myself every month. And the following week, I’m spending 4 days deciding what the end of 2012 will look like. Ready to take the journey with me? Send an email to me with “Resolution” in the subject line; and I’ll send you my “5 Questions” form that will keep track of your resolutions. Then, let’s get started!

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