3 Steps to “White Smoke”

The Pope was selected this week. We watched with anticipation for the white smoke. After only few hours of waiting, poof. A new Pope.

If only it was that easy to find a new Pastor!

Our church has been looking for over a year; waiting for “white smoke” to rise in a service. Although we love our associate Pastor (Dr. Gary Chapman of 5 Love Language fame); we need a Senior Pastor.

Senior leadership: casting vision, managing the team, and has a sense of longevity. It’s crucial. Asking a church to wait on “pause”; usually means “drifting backwards”. Attendance rarely increases. People lose excitement. Momentum dies.

It’s critical to find the right person that God has prepared for you. As fast as possible.

How to do that?

  • Know what you believe. Core values. I’m amazed to watch the media who “can’t believe” the Pope won’t budge on various issues. Duh! A principle or doctrine IS the unchangeable foundation. And the Bible must be the foundation to everything your church believes. Your core values. Things that never change. Your “big rocks”.
  • Limit the Group: The Catholic Church chooses from only the Cardinals. 115. Even if you’re not “looking” right now, you should be watching for the small group that you’ll chose from. Don’t be so closed-minded and so internally focused that you miss great people doing amazing ministries. You may end up being the perfect place for their “next ministry”.
  • Know your Culture. Not doctrine. It’s nuances, emotions, and benefits that you offer. It “flavors” and attracts a certain type of person. It’s the methods that let you deliver the (unchanging) message. Make sure the potential new Pastor will “fit” that culture. A city church will have a hard time with a country preacher. And the preacher won’t feel like they fit either. And then you’ll be looking again.

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