3 Summer Tasks

Summer. The very thought of the word elicits a memory. Or an emotion. Often it’s what you’ve experienced in the past or maybe it’s a romantic notion that you’ve seen in movies or read in a book.

Summer is known for many things. But ultimately, the majority of us think the same. It’s rare that someone says “I hate summer” even though many will say “I hate the heat and humidity of summer”.

It’s important to be known for something (positive) in your business. You must constantly remind your customer about the positives of your products. Using advertising, social media and direct mail to create a perception of your company for those who haven’t experienced you.

3 tasks to accomplish this:

  • Make sure you have something that resonates with the audience. Everyone in your audience needs something or likes something. Attach yourself to one of them. Keep it simple. Keep it consistent.
  • Make sure it’s positive. So positive that any negatives (price?) will be ignored unless they’re specifically brought up.
  • Stick with it. Commit to allowing this “something” to wrap and wind itself through everything you do. You should be sick of telling people about it or you’re not talking about it enough.

All of this takes time. We start with a pinpointed description of your audience and then look at your products. After we identify the ones that correspond with your audience (have sticking power); we figure out the language that communicates the right benefits. Then every communications piece has to be worked to reflect what you want to be known for.

It’ll take most of the weeks in summer to do it (if you start now). You can do it! If you’re not telling someone what you want to be known for; you risk them identifying you with a negative thing. And then changing perception costs even more.

Have a great summer. Be Known. Be Prosperous.

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