3 Things to Consider for an Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, in a small church in New Brunswick, Canada, I got married.

It’s almost like looking through a fog when I look back over the years and see what my wife, Tammy, and I have done together. 3 Apartments, 4 Houses, 3 Cities, 2 Countries, 5 Jobs for me, 3 jobs for her, 2 children, 4 Church homes — and the lists go on and on.

I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without Tammy. She’s my friend, my lover, my helper, my encourager and my sounding board. And fortunately, she’s the honest voice of wisdom when I’m headed in the wrong direction. That’s the sign of a true friend. I love her unconditionally — and fortunately, she loves me the same way.

We’re not big “anniversary” type people — we occasionally get cards for each other, or go out for a special dinner, but rarely do we get gifts. Instead, we find ourselves reminiscing on those “special” days about what we remember, and where God has brought us.

Everyone has anniversaries. People, businesses, organizations, etc. So how should you “honor” those days?

Here are 3 things you should do on an anniversary to make it special:

  1. Celebrate – Tammy and I are going out to a special restaurant and spending some alone time. We don’t get to do this often (since we had the kids). We’re paying a little more than we normally do for the meal — but it’s well worth it. We’ll slow down, eat an amazing meal and be pampered by an extraordinary wait crew. We’re celebrating another year! And you should too. Make sure you honor your day and add value to it. You’ve made it this far!
  2. Reflect – During our meal, we’ll think back over the years and talk about key things we remember, but we’ll concentrate on this last year and compare it to the other 19 years. Are we headed in the right direction? Did we learn from our mistakes? What about the failures? Successes? It’s always wise to see how you’ve done (in comparison). And to ask others for their perspective too.
  3. Envision – The fun part! I’m looking forward to a future with Tammy. The kids have a few years left with us before they go independent. Short term goals and long term goals are essential — or you are destined to “just ride” the future and have no controls.

Before I know it, we’ll be married 25 years — and hopefully our kids will be able to throw a huge party for us — and we’ll be able to share these 3 points with our friends. In the meantime, marriage is hard work, self-denial and… well… a lot of fun. Thanks to Tammy!

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