3 Things You Must Do To Increase Readability

Everyone is wordy.

And I am too. And when someone is given a lot of words (especially in paragraph form); most people won’t read them anymore.

So each time I type a Facebook post, web copy, blog or a simple email, I write what comes to mind. It’s always too long and has too many breaks and interjections. It tends to ramble a bit.

So I ALWAYS do 3 things:

  1. Edit. I remove words and concepts that aren’t needed. I combine sentences and ideas. Most people won’t read more than 50 words (unless it’s a blog written in first person; then 300 words).
  2. Proof. Since I’m reading and re-reading (to edit); I make sure everything is spelled correctly. And I’m a good speller! It’s also a good time to check verb tenses (to make sure they’re consistent).
  3. Bullet point it. If there’s EVER an opportunity to bullet point a paragraph I do. It can cut down on wordiness and it increases the chance of someone reading it. A “P.S.” is almost always read too.

If you’re going to take the time to write something; do everything you can to get people to actually read your thoughts.

Your communications will actually pay off.

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