3 Ways Social Media Can Help your Church

I speak all across the country to Churches and Pastors. Sometimes in large conferences but often to smaller groups. And everyone wants to talk about Social Media right now! I think we thought it would be a passing fad, but now that it’s caught on, 69% of a large group of business owners declared that “it’s here to stay”!

So how can it help you or your church? Here’s 3 ways (and hopefully 3 reasons) for you to develop a Social Media strategy for your church!

  1. Measure their Contentment – Social media relies on community engagement (and content). That’s why there are comment forms (or status updates) on almost every one. Wouldn’t it be good to know what your congregation is talking about throughout the week? Or the takeaway message from your latest sermon? How about hearing testimonies of your audience before a sermon is delivered — and maybe even use them for an illustration! All of this can easily be done through Facebook, twitter, blogging or youtube.
  2. Monitor other Churches – Now more than ever, you can check out the blogs, statuses or tweets of the church down the road and see what they’re doing or talking about. Or how about following the great leaders of our faith online! Imagine what you can glean from them and their experience. You may even start an online friendship with them. The Christian community is a large one — and social media helps you have a voice in it. Or at the least, an ear.
  3. Save Money – Think about how restricting your bulletin (worship guide) is. It needs to be printed. It’s hand-delivered during a service. If someone isn’t there, they don’t get it. It’s limited in how much information can be in it. People are tired of getting a huge book — and most don’t read it. Instead, imagine an online ability to notify your congregational groups with the information they particularly need, and when they need it. And most of all it’s free. All you need to do is be consistent, be reliable, and then listen for feedback. It’s not perfect, but it saves time, money and drives people to your website. And what’s best… it allows your congregation to share the announcements and invitations to a wider community that you wouldn’t be able to. The joy of word-of-mouth!

Want to get started? It’s quite easy and straight-forward. You can find the ways to set all this up online. Or you can give me a call or email — I’d love to help you.

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