4 Reasons You Need a Web Pro

It happened again. Someone approached me recently with that look on their face. You’d recognize it.

The one that says, “I can’t believe I’m asking this”. But I was glad they did.

It gives me the chance to really help them.

“Will you help us fix our website?” Of course the answer is “yes!”.

Usually, several things happen before someone approaches us with “the” question. What things?

Here are 4 things that happen that say you need professional website help:

  1. You can’t keep your website up to date. 100% of the people go to a website for just 1 reason. Content! Your website needs to have a content management system that allows you to update your content easily, regularly, and consistently (so you don’t break the design). We include this in every one of our client’s websites.
  2. Your website looks different than your organization. Over 80% of people visiting a church will look at your website before attending. You don’t want them to be disappointed when they arrive; or you don’t want them to not realize how good you are when they see your website. It needs to be custom designed with your brand in mind. You guessed it… our designs are exactly that! Stop being embarrassed by your web presence!
  3. Your pages are too complex. Simplicity is the key. The average person spends about 10 seconds on a web page. Most church websites have far too much content on a page. So when the average person can’t read it all, they simply ignore your message and click an average of 3 times and then move on. We make sure your site is simple, engaging and organized.
  4. You don’t have a web strategy. You’ve heard the proverb “where there’s no vision the people perish“; the same is true with your website. Your church needs to communicate its vision, brand and message in such a way that it will attract, educate, promote and motivate. Plus your site needs to integrate with your Social Media and Print Materials too.

So, can we help you with these problems, you ask sheepishly? Of course. And because we love the church, and have 10 years experience with them, we know how to use the smallest budget effectively. Give me a call; it won’t cost a cent to get started.

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