4 Things to a Different Ministry this Fall

It’s fall.

With the turning of the calendar page, September arrives, then Labor Day, then…


Let’s brainstorm some GREAT things to do. I know too many church leaders who get so wrapped up in programs, things to do, and church politics; that they forget the PEOPLE! Quickly, here are 4 things to make your fall amazing!

  1. Remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. Then eliminate the things that stand in your way of achieving those things. I know, I know, some of those things are important (but only so you can do your main purpose!); just realize that the majority of your thoughts, dreams and work need to be toward the MAIN thing.
  2. Personally thank people who are working with you. From the top to the bottom. Will that take awhile?! Yes. But it’s worth it (and probably will be so rewarding, that you’ll start with this, next time!)
  3. Spend quality time with your family. What does this have to do with anything?!? A lot. Perhaps it’s because I just had an awkward, heart-breaking discussion with someone in ministry whose marriage is failing. It’s not God’s intention to have your marriage fail while doing ministry. It’s time to get on a schedule. You can do everything. Start to delegate more, work harder during your work hours, and then share/dream/pray with your spouse. Include them in your day. Love them.
  4. Ask questions. Sit and listen. Stop telling, preaching, teaching and directing. And listen, really listen to your people. They have so much to offer you. Open yourself up to them — who knows, you may even develop a friendship. And you NEED a close friend.

I talk to so many people in the pew who are sick and tired of dysfunctional leadership in the Church. This doesn’t have to be you and your ministry. Enjoy this fall, do things different if you want different results!

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