5 Biggest Ministry Website Problems

Ever go to the doctor for 1 problem and find out it’s something totally different (than what you expected)? Doctors move past symptoms and try to get to foundational issues in order to stop the surface problems.

Doctors could simply deal with 5 things:  stress, overeating, sedentary lifestyle, hereditary, and bad diet to eliminate most problems.

We’ve been diagnosing ministry website issues for more a dozen+ years. Pastors talk to us about symptoms but ultimately it comes down to 5 key foundational problems (that may sound like these symptoms):

  1. Can’t Afford a Proper Website. Every organization needs a website. The internet is relied on heavily. And there are cost-effective solutions: a Facebook page with good content, representative cover images, descriptions, galleries (photo/video), and regular status updates can be done for LITTLE money. It just takes time (the real issue). See #4.
  2. Congregation Can’t Find Anything. You need to address web paradigm issues. People look in certain spots on MOST websites (through eyetracking analysis). Make sure your content is where it should be. The right side is rarely looked at (so stop putting dates, reminders and service times there!)
  3. Can’t get the Congregation to Go to the Web. People rely heavily on websites; if they don’t want to go to yours, it’s not the internet’s problem. It’s your website. Or that they rely on other methods of news: like the bulletin (costly). Start directing people to your website; but make sure you build trust in the quality of the information (the real issue). See #4.
  4. The Website isn’t Updated Enough. For SEO reasons, you must update your website at least every week. But your congregation wants correct information every time so you MUST have it correct, up-to-date and functional. You can’t do this by yourself. Develop a team of people to help; and make sure you have a good Content Management System to easily edit. Then set deadlines and accountability.
  5. The Website doesn’t Represent the Church. Either you’ve used a template that looks hip and cool — and you’re not, or you don’t know what your church brand is; and therefore, your website doesn’t make a consistent promise or tell your church stories properly.

Unlike a doctor, this advice on our blog is free. And surprisingly, the medicine/fix, isn’t that costly. We’d love to help. Just contact me through our web form. Or call us at 866.534.7632. We want churches to be healthy with their communications!


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