5 “Checkup” Questions (fearless entrepreneurs only!)

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost half way through January already. How are you doing with your resolutions? Goal-setting?

There’s still time.

To be honest, I’ve been exploring and researching the possibilities for the new year over the last week; and this coming week, I’m going to narrow goals down and write them down.

If you don’t write them down, they will fall by the wayside and you’ll never achieve them. Goals are only effective if they’re written down.

And checked on.

Here’s the 5 questions I’m going to ask myself the first of every month (to keep me on track):

  1. Overall, am I happy? What’s the worst pain in my life? Can I change it? This is like taking an overall “temperature” at a doctor’s checkup.
  2. What’s the biggest success? Did I cause it? No wrong answer here — in fact, I love to realize that something “outside of my control” caused something good to happen. This is a way to recognize it.
  3. What the one thing I should continue doing? Stop doing? Duh!
  4. Am I balanced (spiritually, family-wise, business-wise, personally)? Wow. I need more balance; and this is my reminder.
  5. Am I profitable and on track for reaching my goals? Ultimately, if I’m not profitable, I NEED to change things. Drastically.

I’ve developed a convenient .pdf that will help keep track of these answers. Just contact me (use the form at the bottom of the home page) and I’ll send you it. I simply opened a file folder marked “Goals” and I’ll have 12 sheets in there by the end of the year. I can review them next January and see how to revise my goals for next year. Ready to start with me? There’s still time. Join me.

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