Weave a Branding Thread

5 Important Ways to Weave a Church Branding Thread

Every church needs to be known for something (a branding thread) that makes them relevant and needed. This doesn’t happen randomly! It needs to be managed by you. Because, without control, your organization becomes known for too many different things; and you become known for a lot of noise. Plus, you can’t control messaging so you end up promoting too many things. You become noisy.

And people ignore noise.

Stop it. Based on your audience that attends, and the potential audience in your community, you need to identify the biggest shared need so you can be known for a solution. Or maybe it’s a shared prominent goal that you help them achieve. These threads make you VERY relevant and desired. 

But only if you control your branding thread messaging. That requires maturity to let your thread (what you’re known for) have the loudest voice. And weave it through as many things as possible. Here are 5:

  1. Stage Welcome Time. Your big benefit should be a reminder of the emotional aftertaste of participating in your ministries.
  2. Announcements. Most events should tie into your thread too. It voices why they attend your church. Your events are the practical day-to-day experience of your church.
  3. Word-of-Mouth. If someone asks your members “why do you go to your church?”; your thread should be the controlled language of their answer. Ask and answer the question regularly as a demonstration for their answer. Then encourage them to talk to others around the thread!
  4. Church Website Pages. Your website’s the center of your digital hub (text, email, social, etc.) so your thread needs to be found when someone googles a need or seeking a solution. So your thread needs to be “extended” into controlled keywords all over your website. Ones that are regularly searched for in your area. Google will become your biggest evangelist!
  5. Social Media. Social media is your regular, ongoing conversation with your followers. Done properly, most posts need to build on your thread to give your audience what they’re looking for: in bite-sized nuggets. Entertain around your thread and it will be even better received!

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