5 Steps to Making Ministry Social Media Effective

This morning I was reminded in our church service that we’re called to Christian Fellowship. Perhaps why the church has taken social media by storm. But there are still many churches not doing it as effectively as they should.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42

Here’s my notes from a recent Social Media seminar. These 5 steps will help understand the power you can have with the social networks that are available (mostly free):

  1. Don’t do it all; do a select amount well. Really well. Between Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and many others; you have choices. Research who’s using which; and why they like it. Then decide which you can use well. If you think visually, then Pinterest, Vine and Instagram would work better than Twitter. Just remember that Facebook has the most people. But maybe the other ones have more of the demographic you seek. Ultimately, have a reason.
  2. This dialogue, not monologue. Friendships have been ruined by one-sided conversations. We need to listen and engage. If you do all the talking, you’re doing it wrong. Fellowship is about loving, helping, motivating, and encouraging. Do that effectively on the platform(s) you’re using. Ask questions. Listen.
  3. Write your “About” well. Make sure you use the right keywords that you want “to be known for” in your description. People discover you there and you must deliver what you promise.
  4. Create a rhythm. Don’t over-do it. Start with 1 post a day (or every other day); keep it short and do them at the same time of day. Remember when most “check” social media in your demographic. Try to deliver content just before that. And do it regularly.
  5. Promote your posts. Encourage people to follow. Say it from the pulpit, in your bulletin, each time you actually see your audience. Then consider your potential greater community and run ads on the platforms to attract them.

Devote yourself to online fellowship! And God will allow your community to feel engaged, and motivated to attend services.

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