6 Steps To Getting it Done in 2010

I’m not sure how you feel about 2009, but unlike most years, I’m glad to see it disappear into the history books. I’m sure the Economy, Obama’s Inauguration and Swine Flu will mark the “highlights” of this past year. Or should I add the death of Michael Jackson too?

As I look towards the next 12 months, I’m praying that God uses the things we’ve learned this past year to help us point more to Christ and advance His kingdom.

I’ve been reading through the book of Mark about the life of Christ. I love his newscaster-style, “Just the Facts” approach. In the 6th chapter, I read the story about the feeding of the 5000+. What a task! We have so much that has to be done in the next year, and it seems almost impossible. Perhaps you’re with me?

I feel so much like a disciple. I’ve seen the greatness of what God can do, but I still doubt how it’ll all get done in practical, personal way.

Here’s 6 things (from the story of the 5000) we should do to get everything done in 2010.

  1. Get alone with God – The disciples and Christ pulled away and spent time together. Oh, that we would spend quality time alone with God. Reading the Bible. Listening. Reporting. (see 6:30)
  2. Deal with the Problem – The Disciples wanted to send the problem, er…people away. But Christ said, “No, deal with them”. (6:36)
  3. Concentrate on what you have, not with what you don’t have – Often we concentrate on the things we do poorly. Or what we don’t have. Just like the disciples who realized they had no food. But Christ recommended that they go into the crowd and see what they DID have. Good place to start! (6:38)
  4. Get Organized – You can imagine the chaos that would ensue if there’s a hungry crowd and very little food. Christ said to divide into groups. It made it more organized and easier to deal with. It’s always easier to face a huge task with organization. (6:39)
  5. Trust/Believe in God’s Abundance – Then, the miracle happens. God allows the problem to be fixed. Probably differently than the disciples expected! But out of God’s abundance, the people are feed. And are satisfied. (6:42)
  6. Put everything in God’s Hands – If the loaves and fish stayed in the hands of the disciples, nothing of any great accomplishment would have happened. It’s only when we give our resources to God, that amazing things unfold. And probably differently than what we can imagine.

What do you need to hand to God today? What steps are you skipping? Lord, please use what we have for your glory this 2010. Happy New Year!

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