6 Things Every Church Needs. Or You’re Wasting Time. And Money.

After 27 years of working with churches, ministries and organizations; I’ve noticed most people don’t have money or time to waste. Here’s 5 things your church needs; to stop wasting money and time!

  1. Simple Vision. Can you and the average person in the pew (in 1 simple sentence) clearly explain why your church exists and what it’s Known for? If not, you’re not leading; you’re just wandering around together.
  2. Positioning. How about clearly describing how you’re different from other churches in your area? If you can’t, then you’re just like everyone else. A church. And the average perception of “church” (in the community) is not stellar. And doesn’t have a “benefit” attached.
  3. Design Consistency. If someone sees your communication materials; can they sense who it’s from (even without a logo on it)? You need 2 or 3 colors and 1 or 2 fonts (and the combination of them in similar design structure) to “scream” your church. If not, you’re wasting money producing a different design. Over and over.
  4. Website Editing. Most will only read about 50 words on a web page. In fact, the more words you go over 50; the less people will read your page. Don’t have an editor? You’re building web pages few will engage with.
  5. E-Blast. Every church needs to have a regular, simple, branded way of communicating with their congregation (and people in the community who like what you’re doing). If you don’t, and rely on mail? You’re wasting time and money.
  6. Social Media Strategy. You hopefully have a twitter or facebook page. But if you don’t have an appropriate strategy; you’re struggling to create a community without knowing why. You should be gaining followers, having conversations and seeing regular RT’s and sharing. If not? You’re working on something that’s not working.

Let us know if you’d like us to help with any one of these — or all of them! We have a cost-effective solution for you. Guaranteed to stop wasting time and money.

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