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7 Building Blocks for Church Social Media Success

It’s difficult to believe we’ve had social media for almost two decades. We once wondered if it would have staying power — and now we question if we use it too much! It’s become the “normal” way we keep in touch and the best way to build a following (outside of our physical world).

You do want to stay in touch with your congregation don’t you? Well they’re on social media platforms. And your posts can help extend ministry-reach throughout the week (not just on Sunday). But I hope your church is also trying to build a brand following too! A relevant and needed church brand.

Let’s do it well! Here are 7 building blocks for social media success:

  1. Build an audience. Seek a following above all. Your congregation is the easiest to have follow you. Ask them regularly, but more importantly, give them a great reason to follow (you do have a reason, don’t you?). Also use hashtags your community are seeking to attract them. You can also pay to have posts broadcast to a targeted greater audience to gain brand new followers.
  2. Entertain more than inform. Social media is a way we pass time. We use it as a second screen while watching TV, when we’re waiting in line, and even in the bathroom. Things that stick out from your social feeds? Things that entertain, interest, and engage. If you’re only promoting or informing, you’re creating content that will be mostly ignored. Plus, the channel’s algorithms will stop delivering your posts to people that don’t slow down on them.
  3. Keep it short. Most of us prefer edited material. We believe the page’s author knows their content and knows what most people need so we want what they consider the bare minimum. Just enough. So do the heavy lifting of editing rather than expecting them to wade through a lot.
  4. Use images or videos. They’re worth a 1000+words, right?! Plus the algorithms will love you. Just ensure they tell or extend a compelling story. Oh, and keep videos short (<3 min).
  5. Build a brand thread. Your followers have a reason they want you in their feeds: you’re really good at solving something in their lives! Or helping them achieve goals. It doesn’t have to be spiritual but it should lead to spiritual things since you’re a church. That thread of content is what your church should be known for. And that’s your brand. Keep building it with every post!
  6. Engage and they’ll engage. We want sharing, commenting, and liking of our posts. How do you achieve that? Make shareable and likable content that demands a comment. And then follow, like, share, and comment on other posts that have great content within your followers and within your brand thread. Be social!
  7. Create a schedule. Like a show that arrives to your TV on a regular schedule, you want your content to be there when subconsciously they’re expecting it. So create a regular, sustainable, schedule. Also, consider when your audience is bored and deliver the content around that time. To do this effectively? You’ll need to schedule posts through an app like Buffer or Hootsuite.

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