8 Principles So People Choose You

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the National Association of Business Administration (NACBA) general conference. So many people, churches, organizations, and businesses want to have relevance; and they need to control the perception of their organization. It all comes down to Choice.

You need to have people choose “you” to be successful. In order to get people to choose you, you need to understand these 8 principles:

  1. People make Choices Based on What they Know about Something. If people don’t know about you, they can’t make the choice.
  2. Making a Choice Often Relies 
on an Underlying Pain. People seek solutions. Figure out the prominent pain in an audience and solve it.
  3. Choice isn’t Logical. It’s Emotional. We don’t make the most logical choice, we often make the more convenient.
  4. Make a Clear Choice (Be Different). If things are perceived to be similar, people have a hard time making the choice. If there’s clearly a difference, it makes it easier. I hope politicians are hearing this! And churches, restaurants, stores, etc.
  5. Be Unique in your Difference. That difference needs to be… really different. If it “feels” too widely available, people put off the decision.
  6. Content is Usually more Important than 
Containers or Delivery Methods. Stop changing the package (or building) and expect better sales or attendance.
  7. Be Known for Something… Different. I need to say it again. Put it all together. Tell people and emphasize the “difference” that you offer.
  8. Make Sure Your New Category Speaks 
to a Prominent Pain. When identifying what makes you different, often a new category is created. Make sure that the new category is needed. That it’s a solution to a prevalent pain.

We all make thousands of choices every day. We “choose” based upon these principles. Now, with this knowledge, lead people to choose you!

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