A Bad Experience with Ice Cream?

Ice Cream Friday.

It’s as important to PinPoint as helping our clients “communicate, in unison”.

I was traveling back from a Palm Beach Church conference. It was Friday. I got off my flight in Atlanta and quickly made my way to my next gate. And then I smelled it.

The fresh-baked waffle smell and that unique, sweet, creamy smell that stops me in my tracks. Ben & Jerry’s.

I quickly looked at my phone clock and realized I could probably stop since there weren’t many customers waiting in line. OK, I had already stopped. So I “turned”. I got into line and ordered. A chocolate-dipped waffle bowl with a small scoop of Cherries Garcia.

She politely served me and told me to proceed to the first cashier (the only one open). I picked up my bowl, slung my computer bag over my shoulder, grabbed the handle of my roller bag and gingerly pushed my way 6 feet to the cash. The cashier told me how much to pay (which, since it’s in an airport, I had to take out a small mortgage to pay for it). I set everything down again, went into my computer bag, found my wallet, gave them my credit card, signed the receipt, waited for my card and my receipt, and then start the process of picking everything up again.

I was ready to rush to my gate when I realized that I didn’t get any napkins. And I ALWAYS need napkins. Especially when eating on the run.

The cashier wagged his head and said, “they’re over by the other cash station”. I had to shuffle over 3 ft to the right, set everything down in order to reach for the napkin dispenser (that serves one at a time) that was next to the cash that wasn’t open.

Please. How hard would it have been for them to give me napkins with the ice cream?

Make sure you “experience” the “regular” process you’re putting your customers through. If not, you risk that their bad/awkward/crazy experience overshadows the pleasure of your product.

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