All I want for Christmas…

That tune is stuck in my head. I heard it while shopping today and it’s become an ear worm.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…

But when I typed the first few words into the headline; it made me think:

  • All I want — this usually indicates 1 thing (and not 2 as the rest of the song details). As an organization (or a person for that matter), what is the only thing you desire. There’s the Sunday School answer (God); and the married person’s answer (my Spouse); but what about in your business. What’s the one thing you’d like to get — if you knew the wish would be fulfilled? Would it be better cashflow? More audience? A better message? A better product? A better location? A better website? The answer (if admitted to honestly) can be very telling of how healthy your organization is.
  • For Christmas — ah, Christmas. It’s the season at the end of the year. Before you start fresh in January. New budgets. New goals. Christmas is one time in the year that emotion seems to outpace logic. Where you realize that people matter and that the gift just represents the gratitude and love you have for people. This Christmas, dwell on your emotions and let them supersede your logic. Even for a few hours or days. What do you wish for emotionally? What do you need? Stop considering the questions of “how would we do that?” or “we can’t afford that”. Just answer the questions: “What can we do differently so that we’re truly Known for it” and “What pain can we solve in our audience’s life”.

As the year starts to close, give yourself a gift. The gift of setting goals to accomplish the thing you want in life. And in business. And yes, in January, you’ll have to start paying for it. But for now? Dream.

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