An Easy New Year’s Resolution. Guaranteed!

It’s a new year. A new decade. And once again we wonder how it’ll be called. Twenty-Ten or Two-Thousand-Ten; or will these years be called the “teen” years. Does that mean we’ll all go through adolescence as we grow out of the recession? Complete with acne and crackling voices.

ali-before-afterI want this year to be amazing! I’m tired of what we went through last year (and before) and it’s time for expansion!

Resolutions are crazy things. They start with self-reflection, make us look into the future, but sadly often end with defeat.

Want to have a resolution you can actually succeed at? It’s simple:

Look at what you did well last year. Aim to do a bit better this year. It’s that simple.

Have you ever noticed that we often want huge transformations? The Before and After pictures from the Biggest Loser; or in the back of a fitness magazine. Perhaps you dream that your business would be huge and profitable.

Instead of thinking of what you don’t have or don’t do well, start with what you do good and do it better. Incrementally.

Then want to guarantee accomplishing it?

  1. Write it down.
  2. Word it in the present tense. Claim it as your own.
  3. Have regular check-ups. See how you’re doing along the way. Are you moving toward the goal or away?
  4. Accountability. Get your friends or co-workers involved. Give them the license to hold you to the task.

It’s that simple. Just get started! It’s going to be a great year. Happy New Year!

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