Branding Terms Defined: Audience


It doesn’t take long to realize the dynamic of groups of people. If you have one person you’re interacting with, most times (if you’re paying attention) you can “figure them out”. The larger the group gets, the harder it is to identify “who” the group is.

Often the outspoken become the group. And before long, the followers get assimilated into the heartbeat of the others.

Jesus was so good at identifying the heart of the crowd. Because He could (much easier than we can!). Imagine how cool it would be to know the hearts of your congregation. And how you would treat them differently perhaps.

Audience is huge. Especially when you’re trying to attract. You are trying to attract people aren’t you!??

There are 2 types of audiences:

  • Internal. The people who regularly attend. We’re always quick to say that the church is not the building, but it’s the people. But do you really “know” the people in your pews? What makes them… a group!
  • External. The people you want to attend. Yes, we want “everyone”. But realistically, you will attract people to a group that identifies with your internal core audience. That’s why you need to figure out who the internal group is.

The people in your group usually are drawn to your product (and others in the group). But what products? And what would they change if they had the power. How can you know?

You need to ask them. Start with a couple of focus groups. Choose 8-10 people who represent your internal audience. Ask them lots of questions. Pick their brain. The more you know about them, the better decisions you’ll make. Other questions that need to be answered:

What age is the majority? Is it changing? What occupations are in your church? How many married? Single? Divorced? All of these will help you determine what people need in your church.

Now do a focus group of that same audience from your community. The totally unchurched. Ask them what they do on Sundays. Ask them if they’ve ever attended church. What is their perception of yours? What would make them want to attend services? What’s holding them back?

Imagine what this information can do.

Go ahead. Love people and learn from them. Just like Christ did. It’s the beginning of some great things! Be sure to check out our Church Branding page!

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