Brute Force Attack on WordPress: Caution!

What’s going on with the world? We hear of global internet slowdowns because of people attacking servers and over taxing them. We also see that some famous people are being “swatted” by people calling SWAT teams to investigate false burglary reports. And then people are breaking into accounts and revealing personal information, photos, and financial reports.

Are we all going crazy?

We’re virtually all (finally) online and have accepted our ability to post, deliver and receive personal data. Credit card numbers on forms, tax information sent online and we expose every detail of our lives. We’ve accepted it as normal and regular.

Then we see these crazy attacks.

I don’t think we should stop doing our business on the internet; but instead realize the only thing these examples have in common; is “people”. Crazy, malicious, yet very smart people with far too much time on their hands.

Now we get reports of Brute Force attack on WordPress sites. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Recently some major server players have cautioned that WordPress login pages have been under brute-force attacks.

What does the mean?
It’s when “someone” bombards a login page with multiple combinations of passwords trying to gain access.

It’s hard to understand the criminal mind; but it appears they’re trying to access personal information for malicious purposes.

So, what to do?
Most servers are putting filters in place to stop these multiple attempts. This can mean you won’t be able to gain access to it; or it’ll be incredibly slow. Be aware and patient with the tech teams.

3 Steps to Do NOW!

  1. Change your WordPress Password. Notify those who truly need it.
  2. Use a non-word. 8-characters in length. Upper and lower mixed up characters; throw in weird characters. Here’s some other tips.
  3. Do this regularly. Keep them guessing.

And let’s pray for these criminals. That one way or anther, they’ll be stopped.

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