My 3 Business Wishes for 2011

This is the first time in our home that we haven’t had a lot of Christmas wish lists. Our teenage sons (15 and 16) have become more “sophisticated” this year and we received a short list of manageable items. In fact, after our regular speech about materialism and how Christmas budgets are lower this year, our kids have shown maturity and restraint.

As business operators, I guess we’ve also been told that we’re facing another few months of limited budgets as the economy slowly rebounds. Or creeps to recovery. Or “holds” while everyone spins a good story.

Knowing that; what is your wish list for the next few months? I’m not talking resolutions or pie in the sky desires. I’m asking you for the “if I had my wishes come true, I’d wish for” list.

It’s hard to not get political when I’m wishing about some of these things, so you really have to believe that I’m not talking about Republicans or Democrats, but I’m talking about all “government”.

Here are my 4 Business Wishes for Christmas:

  1. Restraint. In our house, I practice what I preach. I really try to live out my life by what I believe (and say). Occasionally I fail, but I correct myself. Especially if my kids call me on it! I find it hard to hear from our “government” what caused this downturn was our lack of restraint and overspending. And then they wildly spend our tax money on foolish, extravagant things that create more dependence on them. I want them to cut spending and entitlements to a reasonable level so that they don’t require more tax money. As it’s been said, “the problem with a socialist government is, that they eventually run out of other people’s money”. Leave money in our hands and I’ll guarantee we’ll spend it better than any government. Spending wisely = roaring economy.
  2. Charity. That being said, we need to (as the “people”) pick up the slack when governments cut entitlements in order to make budgets. We need to help those who need help; caring for the widows and orphans. Not because we feel we have to; but because we want too. But I also believe that we must “teach a person to fish” rather than buying, cooking and serving a huge fish dinner. That way, people will have more self-worth and raison d’être.
  3. Perspective. So many people are suffering and challenged this year. Businesses are shrinking and everyone seems to have so much less money. Compared to the world, we still have so much. In fact we’re in the upper percentile of salaries. We all need to look at what we have, what we want, and what we need. And then decide what value each thing has. Think short-term, medium-term and long-term; set goals, dream big and start working toward them! Paying as you go. Little by little, if we all did that, our economy would roar back. With the right perspective, we’d be more positive, optimistic, and motivated. We’re blessed.

Anything you’d add? I love what I do, love the clients I have the privilege of working with, and love the people I work with. I want to keep each of those groups happy. With these 3 foundational things in place, it would be a whole lot easier.

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