Catalyst 2009 Here I Come!

I’ve been going to Church conferences for years and I have the privilege to speak at many of them. I’m always amazed at the people I meet. Genuinely interesting folk who love the Lord and want to be around other believers.

onyourmark2_248x160For a few years, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Catalyst. This is their 10th year, so I figured I should attend to experience it for myself. It’s in Atlanta (Duluth) this coming week.

Their structure seems to be about the same as other church conferences, smaller sessions, and several large sessions. The biggest thing setting Catalyst apart from the others is the size. They just announced it sold out — so almost 13,000 people will be coming from all over the world to participate.

Next week (in my blog) I’ll let you know how it went and some of the lessons I learned. And I plan on learning a lot!

People go to conferences for many reasons. From my conversations with lots of Pastors and Ministry Leaders, people go for one of 4 reasons:

  1. Fellowship. People coming to the conferences love to talk, eat and get together. God created us to be social beings and to join in local bodies called the Church. A conference is a great realization that we’re all interconnected into the larger Church! I’m looking forward to meeting fellow laborers in Atlanta.
  2. Inspiration. There are always amazing speakers at these things. The cream of the crop. And often, I’ve read their books, so it’s fascinating to hear them talk about their writings and become inspired to do greater things.
  3. Replication. Often, attendees are frantically writing down ideas that happen at other churches. They ask questions about the practical steps to achieve amazing results in their own congregation. A word of caution though: Remember that every congregation is different! Don’t expect that everything will work exactly as you’ve heard. Look at your own “DNA” and see how you can personalize the steps. You should have your own vision, rather than ripping off someone else!
  4. Fun. OK, I’ll be honest. I’m looking to have a good time. And I hope I run into others doing the same! I don’t have to speak or do anything at this one. Yeehaw! Be sure to email me and let me know you’re going to Catalyst too and perhaps we can meet.

I’m looking forward to being blessed, meeting and talking with lots, and coming home with a laptop full of ideas I can pass on to clients. Wish me a good time!

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