Change. Change. Change.

I just got back from my 25th College reunion. Wow. Have I ever changed.

But in a large sense, I haven’t changed a bit.

It was good to talk with former classmates. Some that I haven’t seen in decades. The picture says it all. We’ve changed.

The guy on the left in the before picture (looking over some 80’s blond hair) is now the guy on the right. The guy in the very back with the dark curly hair is the guy who, well, has a full beard now. And yes, the guy in the gray-striped tie is me. The one with the gray hair in the back now. We’re all friends and it was so good to catch up with one another. And even to hear about ones who never made it into the original picture or the new picture.

What about you? Have you changed?

Churches are notorious for not changing. Conservative in the true sense of the word.

  • We need to stay the same. When it comes to a strong Biblically-based message; me must stay the same. Trying to change the simple message of the Gospel is just plain wrong. Should I even mention the Rob Bell book here? When we try to re-work truth so that it’s more palatable, sadly we don’t have truth anymore. And we become a laughing matter to those of no faith. So stay the same! Our message has to stay the same.
  • We need to change. Yep, it seems like a paradox. While we stay strongly conservative and hold firmly to the doctrines of the Bible, we must continually remain relevant with our methods. I’m not saying that we need to do everything like the unchurched. But we need to realize what scripture (Luke 14) means when it says, “we need to compel them to come in”. That’s not doing things in an old archaic manner. But instead, without changing the message, we must do things with excellence and relevance. Yes, we can use iPads, projectors, bands, computers, and technology. If we don’t, our message won’t be accepted.

I think back to 1986 when I wore my cap and gown and accepted my diploma. The world lay in front of me. I was ready. Looking back over the 25 years, I realize that I had so much I needed to learn. And I’ve changed. And that change has been good. But I am glad that the original work that Christ did in me, has continued too. Oh, that we’d find a proper balance!

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