Changes Needed in the Church: #5 Language

Ultimately when the Church communicates concepts, it does it with words. I realize that I usually talk about the visual things, but recently when I was listening to an interview with a Pastor, I realize we fall prey to what a lot of businesses do.

We talk to our current audience with “insider” language.

We talk about testimonies, the narthex, weird names for “groups” and buildings, and talk about redemption, fellowship, greek words and other concepts that only an “insider” would know. Communion, tithes, offertories and more.

So, why do we do that?

I guess we’ve fallen into the trap of talking to ourselves.

The world has changed.

People are looking for an authentic, real and engaging group of people who are finding their way, their purpose and destiny. The unchurched is seeking to understand Biblical concepts; and the churched was everything “real”. It’s up to us to deliver.

Talking directly with this audience is appropriate and needed.

So start calling your groups and buildings for what they are. Explain the concepts in non-religious words and truly engage everyone. Don’t use a word/concept that you’ll have to explain (unless you have to).

Or you’ll fall into the trap of settling for those currently in your church or in another church. Which leaves a whole world of unchurched in the balance.

Can you think of any other words that we use in the Church that we need to stop using? Leave me a quick comment!

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