Changes Needed in the Church: #9 Reasons for Going

We all know the church/Bible answer for why people go to Church. But why do they go to YOUR local church?

I speak across the nation and I often ask why people like their church. Here’s the reasons I hear:

  • I work there. Ok, I speak at a lot of Pastors’ conferences. So I guess you can ignore this answer.
  • I grew up at the church. Their family went there, so they had to, and they continue to.
  • It’s the closest one to me. When someone moves to a community, they often look in a directory (and 80%+ check online) for the denomination that they feel comfortable with.
  • I go with my friends. They sit with them, hang out with them and meet with their friends at your church.

All of these are great reasons, but ultimately they aren’t compelling reasons for someone to come to your church.

You need to help direct your church members into why they actually go to your church. It sounds weird, but (like customers of a product) your congregation need to hear the positives of attending your church. The benefits of actually going. Most of the time, a consumer (or parishioner) won’t come up with their own reason.

According to Ranier, the Top 6 Reasons (in order) to be active in a Church are:

  1. Ministry Involvement
  2. Sunday School
  3. Obedience to God
  4. Fellowship of Members
  5. Pastor/Preaching
  6. Worship Services

These are the start of determining benefits that are compelling for people to use to invite others. How do you determine yours? Start with listing programs and features of your church — then talk to your most active people. See what they are drawn to, and then listen to their benefits of doing a program or being involved with a feature.

You’ll start to hear key benefits of attending your church. Choose the most compelling (to your core audience) and add it (as a tagline) to your logo. Then repeat it over and over. Preach about it. Tell people about it. Communicate it. In Unison.

Your church will start to grow as people start hearing compelling benefits of attending your church.

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