Church Brand Knockoffs

Cheap Church Branding: Why a Knockoff Brand Doesn’t Work.

Don’t be a knockoff brand. It rarely works as you’d think it would. Especially for a church!

But isn’t the Oscar Wilde quote, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” true? Well, from the imitated vantage it is. You probably want people to imitate you! But for the brand imitator, it usually falls flat (and isn’t desired). 

Sure, as a church, it’s easy to imitate another church. But copying other church communication is rarely successful. In the bestselling church branding book, “Be Known for Something”, we learn the principle that people seek unique solutions; therefore… establish your ministry as a unique solution and be known for it!

Secular products that become known for a unique solution become wildly successful because its recalled when people quickly try to solve their problem. Then inevitably, trying to replicate that success, a knockoff brand arises that imitates messaging. And often fails.

Knockoff church brands usually don’t work either. Knockoff brands like:

  • You belong. 
  • Better together. 
  • For (add city). 
  • Love spoken here. 
  • Messy people welcome. 
  • Find Community Here.

Here’s why knockoff brands don’t work for the church: 

  • It’s stealing. Sure, it’s easier to use someone else’s idea. But “borrowing” is stealing. Yes, sometimes knockoff branding is criminal. The church needs to stay far, far away from it.
  • First to market normally remains first in market. Secular marketing teaches us historically that once something becomes known for a solution, knockoff brands rarely catch up.
  • Establishes a commodity. As many things become known for similar solutions, you become one of many. Then price, location, leadership, building, etc. makes the decision for choice. Instead of the original (better) solution. 
  • Unique is easier to become known for. If your church does the research; and follows sound church branding processes, you will become known for something unique that’s relevant and needed. The more unique that messaging? The easier it becomes. Careful though… other churches just might want to copy you!

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