3 Church Communication Issues You Must Fix

I use an app called “Things” to keep the list of tasks I must do. As I read an email or think of something randomly; I can quickly add it to my list with a few keystrokes. Due dates? No problem. The app does a great job reminding me each day of the things I must do.

Do you have a list of things you’re required to do for your job? I bet it’s overwhelming. If you’re anything like me, you get requests from everywhere. Your boss, spouse, co-workers, family and friends — all needing something from you.

Hopefully you’ve become strategic to survive. You can’t do it all. Sub-consciously, you know the things that absolutely must be done. So you prioritize based on that knowledge.

I’ve been working in the communications, branding, advertising world for almost 30 years. I’m a goal-oriented person so I love lists and I’m a pro at setting priorities. I juggle a lot but ultimately I strive to do the important rather than react to the urgent. I LOVE checking things off my list!

Here are 3 church communication issues that must rise to the top of your list in order for everything to start making sense. It’s empowering!

  1. Become a leader who tackles the strategies. Stop being a task-doer and become a person who determines the course. Your church needs someone who understands church communication issues and the tools to help pave the best road to victory. IMPORTANT: You can’t design/draft an effective road while you’re racing around the track. Stop the car, take your hands off the wheel, and dream about what it SHOULD look like. We need church communication leaders.
  2. Realize you can’t do everything alone. Part of being a leader is knowing you can’t do it all. You NEED to have someone who’s been there before. We’d love to be that team that comes alongside of you to guide, direct and encourage you. We help you with an effective process, a plan, and solutions for tools — plus we’ll help you create a team that works with you.
  3. Create a functioning Church Communication process. Great cooks use a recipe as the base for replicating great meals. You need to have a process that you follow and customize as you accomplish things. The more you trust the process, the easier it is to get people to follow it.

These 3 church communication issues (once fixed) build a foundation where you’ll shine. You’ll be empowered and get more done. It’ll take some work to do these though — but you should be up for it! Let me know if you’d like me to work personally with you! I love explaining these things to the senior leadership team so they support you 100%. Let’s get started!

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