Be Known For Something Church Branding Book | Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church's Reputation (Post-COVID edition)

Church Leadership Book: Be Known For Something

Our new church leadership book, Be Known For Something: Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation (Post-Covid Edition) is available now! 3 decades of church leadership and church communication experience are stuffed into this easy-to-read, easy-to-lead book.

Order the paperback version or the Amazon Kindle e-book version today!
Consider ordering books for your whole church team (it comes with a discussion guide)!


Also, this easy-to-read, easy-to-lead book will get you to focus on your audiences, discover a thread that will unify your ministries, and reengage with your community. It’ll even give you the building blocks to creating a communication strategy.

  • 80% of evangelical churches are in decline or stagnation
  • 1/3 of our communities have no perceived need for a local church
  • Churches aren’t known for anything relevant or needed in their communities

Solution: Be Known For Something will reconnect you to your community. Take an eye-opening journey to revitalize your Church’s reputation, control your message, and create a communication strategy for reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.

Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation | Post-COVID edition: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO COMMUNICATION STRATEGY. PURCHASE NOW.

Finally, here’s what key church leaders are saying about this bestselling book:

“Pastor, ready to grow? This book will point the way.”
Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages

“Any church that is intentional about reaching people outside their walls needs the insights offered in this book.”
Dr. Mel Blackaby, Senior Pastor

“Mark MacDonald is helping churches navigate the biggest communication shift our world has seen in the last 500 years.”
Brady Shearer, CEO

“This is the motherlode, jackpot, unbeatable win for a church staff and board team-read.”
Kevin J Matthews, Lead Pastor

“Thankfully, Mark wastes no time talking about the marketing and branding that’s hurting your church. Even better? He moves past the problem fast to get to the good stuff—what to do about it. I didn’t even get through page 15 before grabbing my favorite pen to start taking notes and answering questions. Reading this book is like sitting down with one of your trusted best buds.”
Kem Meyer,Author and Communication Advocate

About the Author:

Mark MacDonald reveals more than 3 decades of experience as former Sr Creative Director of a large Canadian ad agency. He’s also been a Director of Communications, Bible teacher, Strategic Communication Catalyst for 3000 Florida Baptist Churches. And now leads his church branding agency, Be Known for Something  and is Executive Director of Center for Church Communication. His 60,000+ social media followers know he’s the person for how-to direction! He’s written 800+ church communication articles, been interviewed for dozens of church leadership podcasts, and is heard at numerous national church conferences. He’s available to speak at your event, conference, or church.

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