Do our Churches Drip?

Yesterday I tried to fix our shower from dripping. A simple fix I convinced myself. I reviewed several You Tube videos and armed with that (admittedly) little bit of knowledge, I headed to the do-it-yourself big-box store. I needed validation and some correct parts. I got neither.

That visit started 4 hrs of driving, removing parts, return visits, clarifications, and paying a bunch of money for parts and tools I didn’t need.

It was frustrating and made me question every ounce of capability that I have.

The store that brags about helping people improve their houses totally let me down. I experienced bad advice, conceit, bad attitude, lots of waiting, and ultimate frustration.

I often wonder if the company’s President has ever visit a store. Because it’s widespread. A lot of the stores (via their employees) end up not helping; but hindering their customers from experiencing what they say is their benefit.

The same can be said for some churches I’ve visited.

Has the leadership of the church actually witnessed what happens when people walk through their doors? Have they looked at the spontaneous welcoming times (not the mandated times in the service)? Have they questioned their visitors how they felt? Have they invested in a Mystery Visit from someone who can rate what they find?

Or do people leave services not hearing the greatest benefit ever given to man: Jesus. The message of love, grace, and atonement is often killed on the altar of unfriendliness, busy-ness, and attitude. Or sloppy delivery, digital problems, and annoyances.

Yesterday, the actually “drip” fix? Simply replace washers that cost less than $2. But I almost called a costly plumber because the employees made it seem too difficult. Much like many of our churches do with our “free” message becoming too complicated to accept. They walk away looking for another solution that will certainly cost more eternally.

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