Does Your Church Embrace the “AND”?

You may know I’m part of a group of Christian Businessmen who are studying Good to Great (Jim Collins). We just completed the last chapter; and I must admit; I loved a “nugget” that really hit home.

Embrace the “AND”.

We believe it has to be one way or another. Black or White. Contemporary or Traditional. Old or New.

This last chapter talks about the importance of “maintaining what our core principles” are. And yet; have the flexibility to change, to adapt, to be different. We stay the same AND change.

This is huge. Especially for the church.

A church I know has just been through a difficult period and now it seems to be embracing their “golden years”. They tried to move forward, they failed, and now they have resorted back to when they really prospered. The 1990’s.

As a business consultant, I know that many businesses do the same thing. They have a booming business built on core values, and they start to grow. The momentum takes them quickly into the future; and then something goes wrong. It’s hard to grow. It’s hard to change. So they retreat back to a “small” business again. Into safety.

This doesn’t have to be (for business, or the church).

Caught in this cycle? Here’s 3 Steps to Solving the Issue:

  1. Lock in your core. Make sure you know your core principles. The things you’ll never change. Doctrine, etc. Be sure everyone knows them and is aware of them. If they don’t like them; they should leave (rather than try to change them). Because you won’t. Period.
  2. Look to the Future. Embrace it; look at new methods, anticipate trends. Dream BIG! Are you willing to do something to attract people (as long as it isn’t wrong/sinful)?
  3. Learn from Experts. Either in the church; or outside of it. Good entrepreneurs (aka leaders) know how to adapt slowly towards a goal. Make sure you hold yourself accountable to your principles. And be concerned if you’re reverting to the same things you did more than 10 yrs ago. Or doing things that the “big givers” like; in order to get the gifts.

Preserve your message; change your methods. Or you may end up with a church of aging believers who will slowly die off. We know that’s not your intention.

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